Section V

Section V logoSection V, The Section for Applied Clinical Psychoanalysis of the Division of Psychoanalysis was created to foster diversity and support pluralism in psychoanalytic psychology. The Section represents not only those psychologist psychoanalysts who work in a traditional two person clinical practice, no matter what theoretical orientation underlies that practice, but also those who work in settings beyond the consulting room, including but not limited to: schools, hospitals, courtrooms, and community meetings of various kinds.

In our annual invited panels at the Division 39, the Division of Psychoanalysis, spring meetings, we seek to encourage technical and theoretical innovation while preserving fundamental psychoanalytic values and meeting members’ needs and interests. Our biennial student essay and Schillinger essay competitions encourage participation not only from members of the Section but from the wider psychoanalytic community.

In the fall of 2016, Section V will launch a pilot program to introduce pro bono psychodynamic consultation to a large CMHC on Long Island. The agency has committed its entire staff to attend a daylong workshop in September, which will be followed by ongoing clinical consultation with ten members of the clinical staff. The therapists and the staff supervisors in this agency (just as the clinical staff in CMHCs everywhere) are so squeezed by meeting productivity and paperwork requirements that the opportunity to discuss actual cases, to reflect on their experience with the patient, and think about the patient’s experience with them, etc. simply don’t figure in the onsite supervision.

This initiative began when Section V board member, Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D., asked himself how to reverse the trend toward CBT and persuade the directors of CMHCs in the not-for-profit sector, regardless of discipline, that psychodynamic training and treatment is relevant to the populations they serve. It is a tall order, but the reception we received and the willingness to cooperate with us were very heartening. When we announced this program in March, 2016 we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of colleagues volunteering to offer supervision or to work in the program in some capacity. If you would like to volunteer to work in this program, please be in touch with Larry Rosenberg: or Ghislaine Boulanger:

As president and president elect of Section V, I invite you to join this growing, vital community; students and early career professionals are particularly welcome. On our website, you can learn more about our history; you will find the winning essays; and you can read the thoughtful and varied contributions to our recent invited panels; check upcoming events, and join us.